Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry in Honolulu, HI

In terms of medicine, when we say the word “holistic” we’re referring to medical treatments and preventive measures that care for the patient as a whole rather than just treating a certain part of the body. These days, our Honolulu, HI, dentist Dr. Mark Kuioka sees a lot more patients looking for natural and alternative approaches to dental care. Here at Dental Day Spa of Hawaii, we don’t just focus on treating your teeth and gums but also caring for the patient as a whole to support a healthier smile and a healthier body.

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A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy Body

Our holistic dentists believe that your mouth is a window into the overall health of your body. So, if you are dealing with cavities and gum disease, this could be an indicator of other health factors such as heart disease. Gum disease is linked to systemic inflammation and can impact your general health. Also, those with chronic diseases such as diabetes are more likely to develop gum disease because of widespread inflammation. Instead of just focusing on the health of your teeth and gums, our holistic dentists will focus on ways that care for and support both oral health and general health to protect against inflammation and bad bacteria.

Metal-Free Dentistry

Another reason people turn to our holistic dentists is that we only provide tooth-colored restorations, never metal. Metal amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is toxic and can lead to more serious health complications. Here at Dental Day Spa of Hawaii, we offer our patients ways to safely remove these old mercury-laden fillings to restore your tooth with tooth-colored, metal-free fillings and other restorative dentistry. We know the dangers associated with metal restorations, which is why we do not offer these in our practice. Plus, tooth-colored restorations, as you might imagine, offer an esthetic advantage over metal restorations.

We Still Have State-of-the-Art Technologies

Most patients assume that a holistic dentist won’t offer the same cutting-edge technologies because we follow a more holistic approach to dental care. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve worked hard not only to create a spa-like environment that is relaxing and soothing for our patients but also to provide the latest technologies and treatments possible.

The only difference is that we look for less invasive diagnostic tools and equipment. So, we will still perform annual X-rays and we can even place dental implants, but the technologies we use have been approved by our dental team and deemed safe for our patients.

Dental Day Spa of Hawaii was founded by renowned Honolulu dentist Dr. Wynn Okuda. Today, Dr. Kuoika provides award-winning holistic dentistry to patients of all ages. 

If You Are Interested In Learning More About Holistic Dental Care, Call Dental Day Spa Of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI At (808) 734-2099 To Schedule An Appointment!

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