At Dental Day Spa of Hawaii, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

I have had a great experience with Dr. Kuioka and the whole team at Dental Day Spa. They are very gentle, patient and dedicated to doing great work. 100 percent satisfied. Mahalos.

L. C.

Couldn't recommend Dr Nip and his team more! My front tooth has been chipped in half since I was a kid, I've had several composite fills over the years to fix it but always felt self conscious with how it looked. Wish I went to Dr Nip sooner because he fixed my tooth with flawless results (it blends so naturally with my other teeth you can't notice!). Thank you Dr Nip & team for being so kind, accommodating, and finally giving me confidence in my smile

A. T.

The staff was great. Particularly Dr. Nip. Cool doc, love his chairside mannerism. Anybody who needs dental work, I highly recommend.

Y. K.

"I've been very conscious of my black triangles on my lower front teeth, especially since during these unprecedented times, I've had to do Zoom conference calls and face in front of a screen talking with other colleagues. Dr. Mark was referred to me and I have never been so glad to have someone able to fix my issue. He is very professional, soft-spoken and genuinely cares about his patients, as he will give you a thorough one on one about any issue that you may have. The staff are also very nice and welcoming. I would highly recommend their service to anyone. My experience has been truly exceptional."


"Just had an appointment with Dr. Mark and it was so nice. It really does have a spa feeling when you walk in. Especially because everyone is so friendly and caring. They really make you feel comfortable and are "present." Meaning they really listen and are engaged in your conversation even though time is ticking and they are on a schedule. It's refreshing to have patient care like that!" 


"Best dentist experience EVER! I was nervous that I cracked a tooth and decided to schedule an appointment at Dr. Mark's office. I was quite impressed with the reviews and how quickly I was able to schedule an appointment. The location was easy to find and the office validates parking. From the moment I walked into the office I felt so welcomed and cared about! Dr. Mark and his team are so kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. I had two fillings done today and the whole process was smooth and painless (which was great because I was freaking out prior to this appointment!!). I highly recommend Dr. Mark!!!" 


"It was 50 years ago since I last saw a dentist, and I remember that experience was a very unpleasant and painful one due to older technology. So you can understand my anxiety when I walked into the office of Dr. Mark Kuioka at the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii, the Specialty Group. I needed some work done on my teeth. Dr. and his staff were very pleasant and made me feel comfortable. They were very knowledgeable and clear as they explained the work they were going to perform on me as they put me in the chair, they constantly made sure that I was comfortable. I even got to watch Netflix movies while they performed their procedures. What dentist office does that? That was so cool and my experience was a very enjoyable one. Dr. Kuioka and his staff had dispelled all my fears of the "monster needle" and there was no pain. My faith and belief in modern dentistry is restored. A very BIG thank you to Dr. Mark Kuioka and the entire staff of Dental Day Spa of Hawaii, the Specialty Group. I'm a believer!!!" 


"I was able to set up an appointment and come in within 24 hours and Dr. Mark and his team helped make sure I was comfortable and did a thorough exam. I'm very satisfied." 


"As a type 2 diabetic, I need to see a good dentist every three months. Dr. Kuioka is extremely gentle, considerate, a team player, and courteous to both staff and patients. As a registered nurse, I've observed his excellent technique, conscientiousness, patience, and attention to detail. Recommend Dr. Kuioka very highly." 


"Dr. Mark Kuioka is a great dentist and his staff/team are so friendly and make you smile...Dr. Kuioka not only makes your routine check-ups easy and pain-free...he also educates you on the importance of dental hygiene." 


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